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Here are some cool pages I have come across. If you want me to add you(or delete you) just let me know!


The SPEW-lots more cool pics of Trish, plus Linda, Shalom, Amber, and others. Very nicely done.(uses AVS)
Winona Ryder-a wonderfully done page with everything you could want
Winona Ryder FTP site
First View-tons and tons of high quality runway shots from all the designers
link pages
Models 500-nicely done with a good amount of links
Goddess Page
Pit's Page of Beautiful Women
Horizon's Edge-lots and lots of links


Blur-the official Blur page
Blur -lots of info and fun stuff
Spacemen 3-great page about the genuises in sp3(plus all their current bands)
Spiritualized-the official page with lots of cool stuff
Creation Records-the offical page of the ONCE great uk label, who still have a couple good bands(Boo Radleys, Heavy Stereo...)
Sunday Records-cool indiepop label
Slumberland Records
Cocteau Twins
the Twee Kitten lots of cool indie pop stuff!!
TWEEnet tons of more indiepop info
The Cardigans
if you happen to like Type O Negative or gymnastics girls try this
Analogue Heaven-cool page about Moogs and stuff like that
cool mailorder pages
Shelflife Records-cool label/mailorder operated by my fav computer pal Laura and friends
Parasol Records-lots of good indie stuff and decent prices
Vinyl Ink-lots of cool rare indie stuff

other pages

PETA-the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
University of Pennsylvania
Moviephone-found out what and when movies are playing in your local theatres
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide"-links to live shots from around the world.
Jackie Jokeman-from the Howard Stern show


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